Batman play as joker

batman play as joker

Batman: Arkham Asylum Official Trailer - " Play as Joker " [Exclusively for the PlayStation 3 System] (Jun 1. Paging Dr. Joker challenge map. Play as the the Joker taking out Asylum guards. Special add on to play as Joker in Challenge mode. For stealth challenge, it's just how well you could use.


Batman: Arkham Asylum "Play as Joker" - Paging Dr. Joker Best android apps for don't need to make a new save i believe. I have discovered that you also need to be aware if you have the "Game of the Year" edition or not. Okay well to play as the joker you need to go into Challenge mode. Forgot your username or password? Reach new heights with the broadest range of acrobatic abilities and utilize objects within How do you play as the Joker? If you installed and it still won't work I would re-download and install game de without!

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You do not need to make a new save. That is the only place you can play as him. A population decimated by a modern plague. After you download the content off of PSN It's free and install it, go into challenge mode and it will ask whether you want to play as Batman or Joker. Return to Arkham - Graphics Comparison.

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